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Our business model is simple...

Provide every homeowner the opportunity to remodel their homes for a fair, affordable price, using quality materials, designed and constructed by bonded, insured and educated craftsmen and women. Provide the homeowner the respect, communication, and project outcome they expect and deserve.

Serving the homeowner since 1989

AIN Construction & Home Remodeling has served the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire and San Diego County since 1989.  We have seen trends 'come' and other remodeling contractors 'go'.


One thing has remained consistent - the need for high-quality at a price that won't "hammer your pocketbook".


You don't get rich doing business this way.  However, AIN Construction created a legacy of happy homeowners and repeat business.


things you can rely on from 

AIN Construction & Remodeling


Clean, professional crew

Affordable pricing

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Clever ideas

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Let's see what we can create for you

Have you been putting off, finding out how much it would cost to turn your remodeling wish into a reality?  We will spend the time with you to discuss all of your project details and provide an estimated price.


AIN Construction and Home Remodeling welcomes your inquiry.


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